New! College Interview Essentials

Sunday, September 21, 2014
10:00am - Noon
Parents are invited to observe the workshop, free of charge, with a registered student.

The college interview, although a key element of the college application process at many schools, is often not given proper attention. This workshop will teach students critical interview skills that will help them both in the college interview process and beyond. This workshop will:

  • Teach students what they need to know about the interview process--why interviews are important
  • Share the secrets of college interviews
  • Give students an opportunity to watch and critique mock interviews by seminar leaders
  • Identify student's unique qualities and “hook” for their interviewer
  • Engage students in a mock-interview with one of their classmates with an evaluation; identify areas for improvement

Workshop Leaders: Kyrie Stillman and Peggy Marx from College Interview Counselors (


New!  Stress Management Workshops for Peak Academic Performance

Research has identified powerful skill sets that help students perform better, feel better, stress less and work smarter. The Get Calm & Focus™ program teaches kids how to use attention training, compassion based emotional regulation, and positive psychology to cut through the obstacles that get in the way of their best work. The students in these workshops will learn a variety of evidence-based tools for immediate and long term results.

The program includes the Relaxation Response, a program created at the Benson Henry Institute’s Education Initiative at Harvard Medical School. Controlled studies of the Relaxation Response curriculum showed higher GPA, increased self-esteem, decreased psychological distress, better work habits, and better attendance.*


Workshop for Middle School Students (grades 6-8)
8 Wednesdays, March 5, 12, 19, 26, April 2, 9, 23 and 30
$425 (includes course materials)

Workshop for HS Students, Section A (grades 9-12)
3 Wednesdays, March 19,  26  & April 2
$215 (includes course materials)

Workshop for HS Students, Section B (grades 9-12)
3 Wednesdays, April 9, 23 & 30
$215 (includes course materials)

Workshops will build resilience with:

  1. The Science of Calm:
    Basic neuroscience, brain evolution, and review of research, pertaining to emotions, behavior, and change.
  2. Compassion focused emotional regulation and positive psychology exercises:  
    Examples include: Listening exercise, gratitude, and compassion building exercises. Breath focus and body focus using fun biofeedback tools.
  3. Cognitive behavioral and problem solving skills:
    Examples include: Positive reframing. Problem solving tool: ©RASOR - Recognize, Analyze, Simplify, Organize, Repeat

Session Format:

BEGIN each session with a short focus meditation followed by a review of the prior session with Q & A and discussion of how the skills were useful in the past week in real life.

Sample Session:

The science of stress in our body and the Relaxation Response - taught with slides, videos, audio.
Experiential: Discuss stressful situations then guide through a Relaxation Response.
Real Life Scenario: Discuss what happens during Exam Anxiety.
Introduce a New Tool: Guide through visualization for Test Taking.
Take home: Apply the new skill in the real world and report back next week.

END each session with a mini intention meditation with a fun emphasis on weaving the new skill into everyday life and the neuroscience of habits; in other words, use it or lose it!

DISCLAIMER: Sessions as listed but not limited to: live or video, lectures, group sessions, Extra Edge and phone conversations are not intended to replace medical advice, treatment or diagnosis of any health condition or disease. All of the above services, verbal, written, or email interactions with Juna Bobby, MD, are for educational purposes only and does not in any way replace professional services for physical or psychological treatment by a psychiatrist, psychologist, appropriate caregiver or physician. By signing up for a session, you acknowledge this disclaimer.

Instructor, Dr. Juna Bobby

"Dr. Juna Bobby has mastered both the scientific knowledge and skill required to successfully guide others into resiliency. She also possesses a rare depth of empathy that makes the process of learning new skills a joy."
- Peg Baim, Clinical Director of Training, Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.

(Get Calm & Focus is a program adapted from the Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School)

The ABC’s of Organizing Teens

Through age appropriate case studies (middle through high school), our speaker will share innovative and out-of-the-box tips, tools and strategies to help students manage their schedules, schoolwork, projects and life. Middle school and up.

Speaker: Leslie Josel


Contact Lisa Itzkowitz, 472-3300, x275, for more details.

Preregistration required.