JCC Swim Team – The Stingrays

“Once you join the Stingrays, you don’t want to leave!”
–Scarsdale Teen

Ages 6-17 yrs.
We are part of the Westchester Fairfield Swim league which comprises about 13 teams around our area and every year the league grows with more and more teams. We are a competitive swim team that seeks to build and develop swimmers of all ages and ranges. If interested, your child must be able to proficiently swim 25 yards of the crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke and have some competitive swim background. Practices must be attended regularly, and swim meet participation is required. All home and away meets are held on Sundays.

Click here for the Stingrays Practice Times/Meets calendar

Call Patricia Orellana, Head Swim Coach at (914) 472-3300, x321 for more information, or email us at jccstingrays@gmail.com.

Tryouts for the 2015-2016 Season

Date Time Age Group
Tuesday, September 8th 6:30-7:30pm 10 & Under
Wednesday, September 9th 7:30-8:30pm 11 & Older
Thursday, September 10th 6:30-7:30pm 10 & Under
Thursday, September 10th 7:30-8:30pm 11 & Older

A Few important things to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure your child is prepared: goggles, swim cap, one-piece suit for girls, and jammers for boys (we do not recommend board shorts).
  2. If your child has a birthday that falls on or after December 1st, please use their age from that point (ex. My child is 10 on September 8th but will be turning 11 on December 2nd, then they will attend the 11 & older try-out).
  3. Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes before your child’s scheduled try out time to fill out any/all necessary paperwork.
  4. As people arrive we will be assigning coaches to work with them, we ask that you be patient and plan to be at the try-outs for at least 30-45 minutes.
  5. Please know that you will be contacted via email with results of the try-outs.
  6. The try-outs are over a course of 3 days, NO results will be sent out until Friday, September 11th
September 2015 -March 2016 $800
Each additional sibling –  $675

Stingray Pre-Team

Ages 5-8 (16 participants MAX)

This program is for children who need some swimming technique work – we provide organized practices and coaching. There are no competitions, however, your children will be guided and trained by our coaches. Preteam practice is held twice a week on Tuesday & Sunday afternoons. In order to join the JCC Pre-Team you will need to attend the JCC Stingray Tryouts.

September 2015 -March 2016 $575

Click here for the Pre-Team Practice Times schedule

Spring Stingray Swim Team

This program is for current Swim Team members. It is designed to maintain endurance and reinforce good stroke technique leading into the summer swim season.

April – June 2016 $425

Spring Stingray Pre-Team

Ages 5-18 (10 participants MAX)
This program is for children who were on the pre-team and are looking to continue to swim before the summer.  New participants may be considered but will need to get evaluated.  Practice is offered once a week on Tuesday afternoons, 4-5pm.

April – June 2016 $325

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