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Parents with concerns about their child’s development (ages 2.75 to 5) request an evaluation through their school district. Our team of therapists can conduct complete evaluations. We provide you and your school district with written reports and will attend CPSE scheduled meetings that will determine what services, if any, your child is eligible to receive.

Toward Tomorrow Preschool Programs

The Special Needs Department offers a variety of programs, a caring and experienced staff, and a nurturing environment for children 3-6 years of age. The programs best serve children who have delays in communication, motor and/or social development. The “Toward Tomorrow Pre-School Program” is licensed by the New York State Department of Education. 

Related Services

Children in Toward Tomorrow State Funded Programs, private Learning Circle and those who need IEP mandated therapies (including children enrolled in the JCC Nursery School and other nursery schools) are able to receive speech therapy, occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT) and/or counseling services (individual or social skills groups.) OT and/or PT are provided in our new state of the art sensory gym with suspended equipment and fine motor activity centers.

Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT)

We are a licensed SEIT provider and have a special education teacher who can work with your child in his/her nursery school as mandated by your child’s IEP or on a private pay basis.

Summer Programs

Private and state funded half-day (8:45-11:15am/12 noon or 11:15am/12 noon-2:30pm) options are available for children 2 1/2-6 years of age. Integrated programs (ages 3-12 years) are available through Camp Gadol with specially trained staff.

Enrichment Programs

The JCC offers a Sunday morning enrichment in social skills program that includes social skills, theater, art, music, sports and more; a Sunday afternoon Tai Chi class, a new Wednesday Dance Therapy class, and a new Saturday Dance/Art/Theater based program.  These programs are appropriate for children with ADHD, speech/language delays, learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder or any social and emotional problems. Sibling support workshops are also available for siblings of children with developmental disabilities. For more details, click here or contact Mara Roberge, Director of Developmental Disabilities Enrichment Services at 914-472-3300 x361 or email Mara at


Beth Beir MA, Speech and Language Pathologist
Kristen Best MPT, Physical Therapy
Robin Fillhart MPT, Physical Therapist
Lana Khaykin Hiken M.S., Occupational Therapist
Nancy Kaplan M.A. R.N., Director
Barbara Kearney M.S. Psychologist
Jane Kersting M.A. Speech/Language Pathologist
Catherine Klein Special Education Support Services Director
Paula Krenkel M.A. Director
Speech/Language Pathologist & Therapy Director
Jane Lacey M.S., Evaluation Coordinator
Ivy Marcus M.A. Speech/Language Pathologist
Eileen Markowitz M.A. Occupational Therapist
Judith Matos M.A. Occupational Therapist
Susan Matos R.N., Nurse
Jill Miller M.S., Occupational Therapist
Christa Russo B.S. Occupational Therapist
Maria Schiavone Related Services Coordinator
Nancy Schiff L.M.S.W., Social Worker
Randi Seid Data Analysis Director
Janet Stevens M.A., Speech/Language Pathologist
Martin Stone M.A., SEIT


  • Eva Amaya
  • Nicole Fish
  • Janet Iorizzo
  • Allys Macken, M.S.E.
  • Camille Martone
  • Patrice Mastroianni
  • Lindsey Matos
  • RoseAnn Minnerly, M.S.
  • Jen Robinson, M.S.
  • Shelley Sabatini, M.S.
  • Karol Svede Walsh, M.P.S., S.A.S.
  • Pam Terlizzi

About the Directors

Nancy Kaplan, RN, Director

Nancy joined the Toward Tomorrow staff in 1993. She has over 30 years of experience working with children, including nursing, camp health director and health research. In addition she has taught pediatric nursing as well as health courses for teachers at the bachelor and master college level. She is a member of a regional task force on people with disabilities. Nancy has a B.S. from University of Bridgeport and an M.A. from New York University.

Martin Stone, SEIT Director

Having worked as a classroom teacher, SEIT, and administrator, Marty brings a full range of experience to our program.

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Adult Programs


Pool & Aquatics

Kids & Family

Dance / Arts / Theatre

Jewish Culture